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Magic Mirror, in German Zauberspiegel, refers to my book: Zauberspiegel der Seele — Sigmund Freud und die Geschichte der Selbstanaylse (i.e. Magic Mirror of the Soul — Sigmund Freud and the History of Self-Analysis), published in 1985. There is a PDF-file available for free download. Just  click Schott’s Published Writings Online Blog.  

The MAGIC MIRROR BLOG is complementary to my new Blog called SCHOTT’s FREE ASSOCIATIONS.

The MAGIC MIRROR BLOG is rather dedicated to the scientific community, whereas SCHOTT’s FREE ASSOCIATIONS BLOG (S-FAB) is more related to the political discourse in general.  

Header Image:

„Sogenannter Faust“; Radierung von Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), um 1652 (Detail)

Vollständiges Bild: siehe ersten Beitrag.

Literatur zur Abbildung: Diethelm Brüggemann: Alchemie ohne Labor. Aufschlüsselung des Kryptogramms in Rembrandts Radierung „Sogenannter Faust“. In: Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen 2001 (Neue Folge, 43. Bd.), S. 133-151.

Another complementary illustration cannot be displayed here for copyright reasons: The engraving by Max Pollak (1886-1970) shows Sigmund Freud at his desk in 1914. There is a mirror fixed at the window – a sort of magic mirror for Freud who performed his self-analysis from the late 1890’s on sitting at his desk. At this location he wrote down his „free associations“ creating his opus magnum: „The Interpretation of Dreams“.

Pollak’s engraving (1914) is reproduced in my article published 2006 in „Deutsches Ärzteblatt“.

Still 23 years later, Freud’s mirror was at the same place.

Link to Princess Marie Bonaparte’s photograph (1937) showing the mirror close to Freud’s head:

The next year, immediately before Freud’s forced emigration to England 1938 by the Nazis, his home in Vienna was photographed bei Edmund Engelman. Due to copyright reasons I can only reproduce the link:

Link to Edmund Engelman’s photograph of Freud’s desk with mirror (1938).

The image was reproduced in the Blog of Jennifer Stob, posted February 7, 2013:

Link to Freud’s original mirror at the Freud Museum in Vienna (2011), private photo by Alev Adil.

The relevance of the mirror imagery for Freud’s self-analysis is explained in my Magic of Nature Blog: 18. Kap./2 * Zauberspiegel der Selbstanalyse

My Magic of Nature Blog presents the complete text (without illustriations) of my just published textbook:

ISBN: 9783844024449

Here is the flyer of the new book (on sale now; October 28, 2014):

There is a trailer available on Youtube.

Some subsections of certain chapters are also on Youtube – marked in the „contents“ of the Magic of Nature Blog.


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